starrynight, oilandetchingink

Low light pollution in the further reaches of Scotland and Wales mean that galaxies are visible to the observor.  Even in the skies over North London, meteors and comets have been observed recently.


Above: Starry, starry night, (night sky, North Uist), etching oil on Somerset (unique) 12 x 10 cm.


Below (l-r): Galaxies, from West Wales, oil on Somerset 14 x 23 cm; Foxtime, Cherry Tree Wood, East Finchley, London. Solar Plate etching, 24 x 18 cm, Silvery moonlight, East Finchley. Charcoal on Japanese paper, 25 x 20 cm, And the world turns, mixed media, 14 x 23. Click on each image to see full size and more detail.