Avril Macdonald was born in Scotland  and studied woven and knitted textile design at the Scottish College of Textiles and De Montford University, Leicester.


Following textile design studies, she moved into journalism with DC Thomson in Dundee, then Radio Clyde in Glasgow and subsequently  became Scotland's youngest female weekly newspaper editor.


Then, working for BT, and directing PR operations in Glasgow and London, she was responsible for the company's sponsorship of the arts in London and the South East, for which she received several awards.  During this period she continued her lifelong interest in photography.


In 1998 she set up her own public relations and PR agency and was elected FRSA (Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufacture and Commerce).


In 2008 she studied drawing and painting, then printmaking, at the Institute Arts Centre, East Finchley.


She is a member of the Printmaker's Council, London Print Studio and East Finchley Open (EFO).

Junction, Dalry, Ayrshire. Etching Canary Wharf from Muswell Hill, etching, 10.5 x 15 cm

Avril Macdonald FRSA


The Printmakers Council celebrated 50 years of printmaking with the publication of a book entitled MAKING AN iMPRESSION in 2015.


Featuring the artist members and their work, the book shows how, over the years, the work of the Printmakers Council has played a significant role in establishing printmaking on an even footing with other fine art subjects, to the point where printmaking is now at the forefront of artistic practice with both university departments and open access studios thriving.


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PmC 15 show crop 2 122015 Making an Impression PmC

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Pictured (right above) is Junction, Dalry, an etching of her home town and (below) an etching of Canary Wharf from Muswell Hill, a view down the hill into East London from Muswell Hill, near her  home in East Finchley.

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