Avril Macdonald: artist and printmaker

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Printmakers Council exhibition: TIME 7-20 February 2020

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ON THE WALL at the TIME show


Portal, Pentre Ifan (above), is a collagraph Original Print depicting a passage of time over many thousands of years. Located near Nevern in Pembrokeshire, Wales, this dolmen, or cromlech, was built around 5000 years ago and is the remaining entry to what is thought to be a Neolithic burial site. The top (or capstone) is  a glacial erratic, left by the retreating ice sheet from the last ice age around 12,000 years ago. Today, the monument is under protection from visitors - most of whom appreciate the mystery of the stones and their beautful location - but some of whom like to vandalise the stones by painting on them! Size 66x50 cm, price £295.


IN THE BROWSER at the show


Also found in Nevern is this early Christian Crosshead sitting atop a 13 ft stone cross in St Brynach Church and depicted in this Solar Plate Original Print etching  entitled Cross at Nevern. The church was founded in the 5thC and the cross was erected 500 years later in the 10thC. It is said of St Brynach that he often walked to the top of the nearby Carn Ingli to converse with the angels. Another local tradition says that every year on 7 April, the feast day of St Brynach, villagers would gather at the cross and wait until the first cuckoo arrived, heralding the beginning of Spring. Size (image) 17.5x13 cm, price £70.


There are also several other varieties in each edition of both prints. Contact Avril for more information on 07703 293026.